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5 2009 19081998 000. a nearby marker explains the work's design as stemming from artist's interpretation of ii corinthians 317 4th of july a a family group father abandonded abandoned abandonement abandonment abstract abundant life aerial also altar american flag and a family group of three figures in his proper right hand and blue and in his right hand anna scripps anna scripps conservatory arches architecture architecture decay are arnold line art art deco artwork as automobile automobiles automotive automotive plant autumn balcony ballfield ballroom baptist baseball beach beacon beauty belle isle big red birch birch forest birch trees black and white black river blue blue water bridge bluewater bridge boardwalk boat boat night boating bois blanc bois blanc island lighthouse bold books box cars box office boxing boxing ring brick brick wall bridge bright broken building building exterior building exterior architecture building interior buildings burned caesar's casino calvary presbyterian canada canal candles car car show carillion cars casino catholic catholic church ceiling celebration central station chair chalkboard championship chapel cheboygan cheboygan crib lighthouse cheboygan harbor christmas church city cityscape classroom closeup cloudscape coast guard coast guard days color color image colorful comerica park concorse de elegance confessional conservatory county crayons creek cruise ship daffodil daffodils damage dawn decay dequindre cut desk desmond landing destroyed destruction detroit detroit lions detroit river detroit tigers detroit yacht club directly dirty do door doorway dossin great lakes museum downtown drama dusk dusky dusty east town east town theater eastern market eastown eastown theater entryway evening everyone explosion exterior factory fall fall color famous fenced fencing ferry festival figure fire fireworks fish fisher fisher body fisher body plant fisher body plant 21 fisher building fisher plant flag poles flower flowering flowering trees flowers flowing water football ford ford field forest fort gratiot fort gratiot light house fort gratiot lighthouse fountain fourteen foot shoal fourteen foot shoal light fox fox theater freedom celebration freeway freighter full full moon fun garage gardens german lutheran gilt and marble gold tones gothic graffiti grafitti grand island grand island east channel light grande grande ballroom gratiot grays reef grays reef light greater faith greektown grungy hand hangs hart plaza henry ford hospital highway historic holds holland horizontal hospital housed. huron huron lady huron lightship ice in industrial industry interior is is manifested in the family island it jail jersey joe louis june king solomon king solomon baptist king solomon baptist church knows lake lake huron lake huronmichigan lake michigan lake superior lakeshore lakeside landscape left lexington lifesaving lifesaving station light light station lighthouse lighthouse beach lights lightship lightvessel line lions lonely looking down lutheran mackinac mackinac bridge mackinac city mackinac island mackinaw male man man made man made transportation manmade manufacturing marble marina marine city marquee martin reef martin reef light martin reef lighthouse meadowbrook meadowbrook hall michigan michigan central station mission pointe lighthouse model a moody moon morning mother and child.the artist expresses the concept that god motor city casino motorcity casino movie theater munising murphy hall of justice museum music music venue nature newberry night nobody now number oakland oakland county of office offices old mackinac point lighthouse olympus e3 on on wall behind figure now the lord is that spirit and where of one ontario organ outdated outdoor outdoors overgrown packard packard plant paint panning panorama panoramic paradise party patriotic peaceful peche island peeling peeling paint people mover perspective pews photograph photographer photography picket fence pictured rocks pictured rocks national lakeshore pictured rocks national park pine grove park plant 21 plaster poe reef light station point crisp point crisp lighthouse pointe au barques pointe aux barques pointe crisp pointe crisp lighthouse pond port hope port huron port sanilac potato falls presbyterian proper punching bag race rail railroad rails railway rallies rays razor wire red reef light reflected reflection religion ren cen renaissance center representing representing all human relationships. the sculpture was cast in norway at an estimate cost of 40 representing god river river front riverfront riverside road rock and roll rock n' roll roller skates roller skating roof rooftop rose round island round island lighthouse round island passage round island passage light ruins sad sailboat sailing sailors sails saint agnes saint clair river saint curvy saint ignace saint petri's saint rita's sam laud sanctuary sarnia school scott fountain sculptor date 19551958. dedicated 1958 medium bronze sculpture seated serene ship shipping shoreline showroom silhouette skates skating skeleton skyline skyscraper skyscrapers slaughter house snow so. solitude spectacle spectacle reef light sphere spinakers spirit sports spot spring square st. agnes stage stained glass stair stairs stairway star line state park statue statue. straits of mackinac straits of mackingac stream street streets striped summer sun sunrise sunset suspension bridge symbol team teams that the noblest human relationship. inscription reads theater there is liberty. ii corinthians 317 unsigned. title the spirit of detroit artist marshall m. fredericks these this thornapple valley through the spirit of man ticket booth tiger stadium tiger statium tigers tile to tour tower train train cars train station train yard trains transcending transportation truck trucking tulips u sa universal upper peninsula urban urban decay urban landscape usa vacation destination venue vertical very vibrant vintage wall warm tomes water water tower waterfall waters edge wawatam wawatam lighthouse wayne weeping willow when which which is inscribed on the work. excerpt from explanatory marker reads main figure represents spirit of man. in his left hand he holds a symbol god white white shoal white shoal light white shoal lighthouse whitefish lightsaving station whitefish pointe win window windows windsor winter winter snow wood woods woodward avenue presbyterian church worship yellow zuiko zuiko 1454mm 2.83.5f
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